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COVID Update

Monitoring the situation

QTEC FM has been and is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic development and following closely the recommendations of the relevant authorities.

The safety of our clients, team members and the public remain our highest priority and we are taking all necessary steps to maintain this, by following the guidance of Public Health England and Wales

Statutory compliance and maintaining essential building safety

As workplaces, buildings and facilities of all types have been temporarily closed or subject to occupancy restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those responsible for managing and maintaining properties will still be required to: ensure statutory compliance; maintain essential building safety; protect systems, equipment and assets; and support staff still working in buildings exempt from the closure guidelines or working remotely.

Business Continuity

At QTEC we have ensured that business continuity is maintained on our fixed contract sites, by completing Statutory compliance and essential building safety maintenance, whilst also preparing for every scenario. All our staff have the facility for loan and remote working and are doing so successfully, We have well established business support systems in place and it is standard practice for our engineers to work singularly, therefore it is straightforward for us to ensure that social distancing measures are adhered to and if necessary, cover and additional support can be provided should any engineer develop symptoms or need to self-isolate.

Business Recovery

Following the recent changes in the operational condition of some commercial properties during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have developed an inclusive Building Services Business Recovery review assessment which can be tailored to your site. Through which, QTEC FM can assist you in returning any property to full operational capacity, swiftly and efficiently. This assessment, intended to be undertaken prior to your buildings full return to pre-lockdown operation, includes:

Carry out full checks on: fire safety systems: electrical systems (especially to fire safety equipment, security systems, emergency lighting and business critical services, such as server rooms); water systems and treatments (ensure boilers and pumps are functioning properly and at correct levels, check for leaks in water systems and other products); all HVAC and environmental systems (are they appropriate for dealing with any future virus outbreaks?); the integrity of the building envelope

Re-set all mechanical set-points to appropriate occupancy levels.

Liaise with site staff responsible for service, testing and maintenance, to ensure appropriate provision levels can be restarted.

Fire safety: recommence testing routine at the earliest opportunity.

This tailored assessment can be conducted by one of our experienced engineers, using both legislative compliance and industry best practice guidance, our assessment will enable the confident restoration of all engineering services and maintenance.


Our multi-disciplined team is on hand throughout to guide you during the process, providing expert and practical advice on any issues, whilst always ensuring any impact to you, your client or the occupiers is minimised.

For more information on our Building Services Recovery Assessment, or to discuss with a member of our team how we can implement it at your property, please contact us:

Jamie Mitchell – 07921 856999

[email protected]


Tim Durston: – 07340 049740

[email protected]

Service areas we cover:

Mechanical Services

Project Works

Electrical Services


Water Systems & Water Treatment

Compliance Audits

Building Fabric

Asset Management & Life Cycle Planning

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